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Samuel Eto'o Private Foundation
On 17th March 2006, the Fundación Privada Samuel Eto’o was formed, with the aim of bringing together all the activities which Samuel Eto’o and a group of friends have been carrying out for years in various villages of Cameroon.

To date, the Foundation has led a series of projects related to the schooling, education, cooperation and development of children in Cameroon, using football as a tool for social integration.
Collabore with the Samuel Eto'o Private Foundation
Samuel Eto'o
Professionally, I did not waste “my chance”, since I was ready, in the right place and at the right time to shine out in what I like most. I dreamed of experiencing what I am living now without calming my enthusiasm, because without it nothing is possible; even less in the case of the children, who are never to blame, although they are always the ones who suffer the most.

Football has given me everything and I feel obliged to repay my people. There is nothing nicer and nothing which makes me happier than sharing with the disadvantaged. And I am convinced that thanks to football I can return to my people a part of what they have given to me.

That is why I am taking up a great challenge with my PRIVATE FOUNDATION, whose aim is to combine all the efforts, assistance and friendly contributions to reach those who most need it, wherever they are. This platform will help to achieve integration, education and training for many young people from Cameroon.

To those of you who are helping me in this project and in my hopes, to those of you who do not miss an opportunity to assist others and help them improve, to all of you from my heart… Many thanks!
Samuel Eto'o
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